Tuesday, July 28, 2009

month five

I don't get that sinking feeling when I walk in my apartment anymore, thinking that your head will pop up at the end of the hallway on the leather couch, my brain has finally caught on and I don't go creeping up to look. I thought of you when I resigned from my horrible horrible job this week - face to face with the HR lady who told me I wasn't allowed to mourn over you like I lost a child. I give you full permission to haunt the shit out of that bitch. Love you everydaaaay.

Speaking of 'love you everyday' I watched an SVU marathon on Sunday and at the beginning of every episode I was reminded of how not only me but everyone who knew and loved Squeek would make up nicknames, sayings and songs for him. Everyone knows the theme song to L&O but next time try singing to the tune with just saying Squeek Squeek Squeek Squeek, Squeeeek Squeeeeeeek. Other classics were Prince's could you beeee, the most beautiful dog in the world. My sister thought he enjoyed her rendition of Olivia's I love youuuu, I honestly love youuuu, best.

As for nicknames: queeky, (s)queeker-boo; poopy-too; monkey-poo, monkey-moo, monkey, rabid monkey; psycho dog; fluffanutta, fluff-butt; toby-dog, toby; nephew... so many more ♥

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Anonymous said...

I was looking through old photos last night and found a wicked cute picture of Squeek!
I must show you soon, I will try to remember to bring it tonight to the show.

in other news Pete and I are seriously thinking of getting a pug around December-ish that's when we hopefully move out of our place into a cheaper pet friendsly building! I will keep you updated if you still are interested in getting a brother or sister to our future pug(gus)