Friday, June 12, 2009

good morning

This morning I woke up with Above It All stuck in my head I'm not sure why. I didn't even remember the words besides the above it allll parts but that tune is just so catchy or maybe just so familiarly embedded in my brain from those Sesame Street days, I don't know but it stuck with me as I went through my morning routine. Then I went off into la-la land thinking about the animation of that song, and remembering the opening of Mannequin...

and then thought - why have I gone my whole life without finding out more about the friggin genius behind these treasured memories!

Her name is Sally Cruikshank AND she has her own YouTube Channel with old interviews, animations and other amazing weird ass shit.


Anonymous said...

You are fucked, above it all huh? I remember that song too!

_ said...

hahaha - it's better than waking up with Winger She's Only 17 in my head, I had that going on for like 2 weeks straight at one point :///

ps. hey gurl hey, do i get to see you this wknd er what!