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musical friends, get into this:

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month six

:( still hard.

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cheat sheets - for photoshop, illustrator, html etc!

month five

I don't get that sinking feeling when I walk in my apartment anymore, thinking that your head will pop up at the end of the hallway on the leather couch, my brain has finally caught on and I don't go creeping up to look. I thought of you when I resigned from my horrible horrible job this week - face to face with the HR lady who told me I wasn't allowed to mourn over you like I lost a child. I give you full permission to haunt the shit out of that bitch. Love you everydaaaay.

Speaking of 'love you everyday' I watched an SVU marathon on Sunday and at the beginning of every episode I was reminded of how not only me but everyone who knew and loved Squeek would make up nicknames, sayings and songs for him. Everyone knows the theme song to L&O but next time try singing to the tune with just saying Squeek Squeek Squeek Squeek, Squeeeek Squeeeeeeek. Other classics were Prince's could you beeee, the most beautiful dog in the world. My sister thought he enjoyed her rendition of Olivia's I love youuuu, I honestly love youuuu, best.

As for nicknames: queeky, (s)queeker-boo; poopy-too; monkey-poo, monkey-moo, monkey, rabid monkey; psycho dog; fluffanutta, fluff-butt; toby-dog, toby; nephew... so many more ♥

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pop art

amazing pop-up art !

from Benja Harney [via the insideoutblog]


summer mix series

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note to self

The Auteurs is not just about discovering wonderful new cinema or classic masterpieces. It’s also about discussing and sharing wonderful films… which makes us like a small coffee shop… a place where you can gather and talk about alternative endings, directors cuts or whatever those frogs in Magnolia meant…

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month four

This month I feel like I've had a relapse in my Squeek grieving process. I've noticed myself pushing things away and shutting people out. Attention everyone: I don't want to watch your pets while you're away or babysit your kids or love anything anytime soon. thx

The thought of getting another dog has come and gone, I know I would end up hating it if it didn't act like Squeek or hate because it acted too much like Squeek :/ hmmf. If you were here I'd ask you what you thought - but I know you'd hate hate hate if I got another dog because you were a selfish punkass. I found a video on my computer this weekend of us playing catch that displays this quality completely, I'll post it later if I have time. You loved to run after the ball but you would never give that shit back.

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end your marriage

Let's Call the
Whole Thing Off

“When marriage was invented,” Ellen continues, “it was considered to be a kind of trade union for a woman, her protection against the sexually wandering male. But what’s happened to the sexually wandering male?”

Fisher, a women’s cult figure and an anthropologist, has long argued that falling in love—and falling out of love—is part of our evolutionary biology and that humans are programmed not for lifelong monogamy, but for serial monogamy. (In stretches of four years, to be exact, approximately the time it takes to get one kid safely through infancy.)

hah ok I know, Downer Alert! But still a interesting read - she's
like the Jerry Maguire of Divorce... WHO'S COMIN WITH ME?
PS. [14:38] coldlions: when the atlantic magazine becomes a babe, i will read it.

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good morning

This morning I woke up with Above It All stuck in my head I'm not sure why. I didn't even remember the words besides the above it allll parts but that tune is just so catchy or maybe just so familiarly embedded in my brain from those Sesame Street days, I don't know but it stuck with me as I went through my morning routine. Then I went off into la-la land thinking about the animation of that song, and remembering the opening of Mannequin...

and then thought - why have I gone my whole life without finding out more about the friggin genius behind these treasured memories!

Her name is Sally Cruikshank AND she has her own YouTube Channel with old interviews, animations and other amazing weird ass shit.